Hudson has been doing extensive recruitment work in the professional services sector for many years

Hudson's driver model can help you find the most suitable talent in the shortest time, evaluate the candidate's dedication and enthusiasm, confirm whether he/she conforms to the company's corporate culture, and conduct rigorous and professional background checks.

Rapid hiring is achieved based on recruitment consultants' deep understanding of the industry and the powerful database

Hudson has been deeply engaging in recruitment in professional service fields all year round, including education, games, advertising, consulting, entertainment and other industries.

Our customers are from all walks of life, including the world's top 500 companies, large state-owned enterprise groups, industry leaders, private enterprises and start-up companies. Hudson has rich experience in human resources solutions and strong talent database. Starting from customer needs, we form an agile and powerful recruitment team with expert headhunting consultants who are deeply engaged in the industry, together with consultants focusing on functional team recruitment, to find the best talent for our clients.

Market Insight

“In the gaming industry, the domestic game industry chain continues to upgrade, including new formats, such as live games and e-sports, providing new growth points for the development of the game industry.”

Market Insight

“In the advertising field, due to the increasing demand for new consumer products in the market, users pay more attention to the visual presentation, packaging and product design of daily consumer goods. Therefore, the demand for design talents in the advertising industry has become a gap, excellent designers from overseas top colleges and universities having become popular talents.”

Market Insight

“In the entertainment field, the online entertainment market is booming. There is a shortage of talents in the art, planning and technical direction of game enterprises, and the demand is extremely huge. The e-sports industry is gradually specialized, and the government has also set up relevant professional courses to support the development of the e-sports industry.”