We are committed to recruiting talents from all over the world

Hudson is an excellent full-range talent solutions provider. We don't just do the hunting and recruiting. Hudson's vision is to find talent that exceeds your expectation to deliver outstanding performance for your organization, as we know what a business manager expects in terms of superior performance and business growth. 

Hudson consultants bring professionalism, care and meticulousness to every detail of our consulting services and delivery to our clients.
Hudson is expert in mid- to high-end talent solutions, executive hunting, specialized consulting and hunting services, general headhunting and customerized talent solutions. 

In China, Hudson has served 4,000+ clients, of which 2,000+ are well-known international giants and local leading companies, delivered 20,000+ top positions and established a talent database of 600,000+ professionals. Across Asia Pacific, we leverage our vast database of professionals, social networks, professional associations and diverse recruitment channels to identify, hire and develop exceptional talent, thereby enabling us to quickly provide you with the right placement for long-term hires and flexible talent.

We are experienced expert consultants

At Hudson, each professional consultant is responsible for a specific job category, focusing on recruiting in that niche, and has relevant industry experience, knowledge and qualifications. 

Expert consultants have extensive market knowledge, including industry dynamics, salaries of relevant positions, job titles and hiring trends to ensure you achieve the best results for your business at the right salary.

What our clients say

Leading Chinese Internet Company

BU Head

As an Internet company with ten years of history, we have core business of news, video, social media, and education. As our partner, Hudson has made our work much easier – with their diverse candidate pool, they are able to help us solve staffing problems by providing talents in almost all areas. 


Pharmaceutical Multinational company

R&D Director of Tumor Business Department

We have an R&D center in Shanghai, and we are actively hiring people. However, in the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai area, there is only a limited pool of experienced and highly-skilled people, getting us into a fierce competition for talent. So it usually takes long time to fill a vacancy. Hudson's advantage lies in their high sensitivity to the latest industry information. They know which pharma company might be tweaking business plans, which foreign company might be making redundancies. They were able to share this kind of information with us quickly and thus made a big difference to the cost and efficiency of our recruitment.

Well-known International Consumer Brand


Over the last few years, China has become the most important consumer market. While growing fast, we are now facing the challenges that we’ve never met before, like how to open 20 new stores in a single day. We were quite surprised by Hudson’s extensive network of great talents in the retail sector. I can say that Hudson has been able to meet demands that no other recruitment company could manage. I look forward a long and successful partnership with them.



Famous International Bank

Chief People Officer

We do a lot of licensing work, so we have a constant need to hire financial talents. In the past, we always had to go around all the head hunters one by one, but now Hudson handles more than half of all our needs. As our partnership continues, we find that we don't have to give them a full briefing on every single project. They’ve known us very well. 

Leading International Electric Car Maker


We’re growing globally – with that said, at the peak we were hiring over 10,000 people a month. So we often need a lot of assistance from talent solution providers. Among all partners, Hudson is the one who always take on the most tough challenges. We need top candidates who are flexible about employment and can quickly get onboard. Hudson has been able to give us perfect solutions.

Well-Known Chinese Appliance Manufacturere

Human Resources Director

Our labour needs are quite complex. For different positions such as product, technology, operation and design, there are different requirements of educational background and experience. Hudson understands our key object and talent profile very well and has been able to give us a lot of useful advice in the hiring process.

Well-known Chinese Securities Broker

Human Resources Director

The fact that we are state-funded means that there are severe restrictions on hiring permanent staff. That has posed the impact on our fast growth. Hudson was able to fund us the senior candidates that our business demands plus flexible staffing options. Their solution is tailor-made for our situation.

Leading Internet company

HR Head

We invest a lot of time and manpower in recruitment while the situation is not stable, sometimes we need to rehire for the same position. In addition, we are burdened with high costs in management, training, etc. How to reduce these costs is an urgent issue for us to think about and address.

Leading international logistics group

General Manager

The manpower that our business volume requires is always changing due to fluctuations in time and market cycle as well as other changes.

Leading international pharmaceutical company

HR Director

Recruitment, daily management, benefits ...... We are facing different risks in every aspect and we always want to have very professional partners to help us control and minimize these risks.

Globally leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles

Human Resources Head

As our business is soaring, we definitely need more suitable talents to keep up. Therefore, we're under a lot of pressure. How can we find the right people and get them in place quickly in a short period of time?