Hudson has been doing recruitment work in the consumer goods sector for many years

The consumer goods industry is changing rapidly. With the rapid iteration of technology,  consumer behavior changes have brought about some vitality to the industry as well as fierce competition in various segments. Our vision is to make a positive impact on the consumer goods industry by helping great companies deploy talent and enabling a sound flow of talent to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Our consultants are either from consumer goods companies or have years of experience in recruitment of the industry, so we have an in-depth view of the market changes, business challenges and competitor strategies in the industry to help our clients capture growth and development opportunities and deploy the best talent to their team.

Rapid hiring is achieved based on recruitment consultants' deep understanding of the industry and the powerful database

Our segments include retail & luxury, personal care, home cleaning, food & beverage, entertainment, gaming and other industries. We are adept in e-commerce, digital marketing, retail management, brand marketing, strategy, insights, media buying, sales management and other functions.

Optimized solution will be provided to clients by our agile and excellent recruiting team composed of industry expert headhunting consultants as well as consultants focusing on functional team recruitment, with the unique "one-stop service" model and based on our clients' needs.

Market Insight

“There is a large gap and strong demand in e-commerce talents, and the flow of offline sales positions is slow and saturated.”

Market Insight

“The personalized customer needs, as well as the excessive fragmentation of touch points and platforms, require talents who have the ability to integrate data multi-channels for data analysis.”

Market Insight

“Live broadcast has become a normal business model. Operational talents with experience in live streaming on multiple platforms and talents with growing views and traffic on platforms are welcomed.”