Why join Hudson

Join Hudson, and you'll be in charge of your career.

An open and inclusive work environment

In an open and inclusive work environment, we value performance and place greater emphasis on mutual support and enjoyable work. In a united and collaborative work atmosphere, we share knowledge and experience to help each other achieve more.

Comprehensive Training and Coaching

At Hudson, we encourage learning and continuous improvement. We offer you a full range of training and support, which means you'll participate in Hudson's systematic training program as well as have one-on-one support from experienced consultants.

Generous Rewards and Benefits Package

Our bonus program is clear and transparent, with results-based criteria and uncapped earning potential. In addition, we care about your health and have created a comprehensive benefits system to facilitate achieving a balance between work and life.

“Bonus transparency is a good thing because it depends entirely on your performance. I know exactly how much bonus I can get, so I'm greatly motivated." --Richard Lin, Director of Accounting and Finance”

Richard Lin, Director of accounting and legal team

Clear career paths

With two clear career paths, you have the flexibility to scheme your own career path in the way that suits you best.

Do you want to become a team leader? Then you can choose the "People Leader" route.

If you would like to strengthen your knowledge base as a professional recruitment consultant and get a senior position, then the "Individual Contributor" route is ideal for you.

Both routes have clear and objective progression criteria, so you know exactly what you need to do next. The pace and direction of your career is in your control.

Join Hudson, and you'll be in charge of your career.


Grow up into an excellent recruitment consultant

As a professional consultant of Hudson, you will help clients identify the best talent and help professionals develop their careers. This means that companies may achieve greater performance because of you, and many people's lives may be positively changed because you help them find the best fit workplace role. At the same time, your personal career shines as a result.

In this ever-changing world, the greatest competitive advantage of an organization is having the best people, and that's no different at Hudson. Join us and take control of your career!

At Hudson, you can leverage our extensive professional database, network and diverse recruitment channels to identify, hire and develop exceptional talents, while making the best possible placement for our clients quickly.

Our recruitment consultants have a variety of backgrounds. Previous sales experience is a plus, as it requires initiative and confidence when prospecting for new clients, while industry experience puts you one step ahead of others in your field.

More importantly, we want you to be outgoing, with a spirit of continuous learning and a results-oriented attitude, and to be able to adapt to a goal-oriented work environment. You will be trained during work and gradually grow up into an excellent recruitment consultant.


Hudson's Youth Development Program

We are committed to helping employers identify suitable candidates and professionals achieve better career development. We are looking for like-minded people to join us and create a brilliant future together.

Hudson's Youth Development Program is designed to select, train, and develop promising and enthusiastic fresh graduates. Through a year of systematic training, one-on-one mentoring, and hands-on work experience, you will get solid business knowledge and skills to become a professional talent consultant, start a great career and prepare for future advancement.

We offer you:

A wealth of practice opportunities

Systematic training courses

Opportunities to gain knowledge of different industries

The opportunity to communicate directly with industry leaders

Competitive remuneration

Excellent office environment

Fabulous activities

We expect you to
  • Be a current student in your final year as an undergraduate or postgraduate
  • Be cheerful, positive, and enthusiastic
  • Be skillful in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English and Chinese
  • Have good networking and learning skills, as well as team spirit

“It is fulfilling to communicate with candidates, becoming friends with them, and let them trust me.  I will always remember what my boss once told me: Head hunting is a job about people relationship and people management.  I am looking forward to return to this place to continue my carrer development in this area after my graduation.”

—— Sean Yang University of Plymouth

“Hudson has provided me with comprehensive training and professional mentors who share generously their experience with me and are always available to help me. I've improved the basic communication and social skills, learned more about various industries and the market, improved judgment and control of candidates, and grown rapidly.”

-- Chris Yu, Beijing Information Science and Technology University

"The most important achievement from this internship for me is that it gives me an opportunity to learn more about the different industries and positions and roles in a foreign company at my undergraduate stage. I have gained a preliminary understanding for the working environment as well as the language atmosphere in a foreign company, which brings a lot of positive effects on my future job search after my graduation."

——Echo Li Shanghai International Studies University