Hudson has been doing recruitment work in the technical and operations sector for many years

Hudson has an excellent recruiting team in the technology and operations areas. We have a deep insight into the industry and market trends, as well as the hiring needs and pain points of companies. We are experts of talent recruiment in digitalization transformation, helping our clients achieve operational excellence through talent strategy and deployment on their transformation journey.

Rapid hiring is achieved based on recruitment consultants' deep understanding of the industry and the powerful database

Positions we are skilled in include CEO, plant manager, operation director, project director, production director, R&D VP & director, electronics R&D manager, structural R&D manager, embedded software specialist, hardware R&D specialist, acoustics specialist, quality director, quality director for suppliers, EHS director, B2B strategic marketing manager, sales manager, technical sales engineer, automation director and Lean manufacturing director.Our clients span a wide range of industries, including Fortune 500 companies, large integrated groups, high-tech companies and intellegent manufacturing leaders.

With the unique "one-stop service" model and based on our clients' needs, our agile and excellent recruiting team composed of industry expert headhunting consultants as well as consultants focusing on functional team recruitment will work out optimal solution for our clients. 

Market Insight

“Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the scale of cloud applications, mainly instant messaging, videoconferencing and collaborative office, has expanded rapidly, prompting enterprises to continuously increase investment in the IT field to meet operational needs, which provides new expansion areas and development space for the company.”