Hudson has been doing recruitment work in the information technology sector for many years

Hudson has been  doing  recruitment work in the IT field for many years, and most of our consultants are from well-known IT companies, so we have a deep understanding of the recruitment needs and pain points of companies.

Rapid hiring is achieved based on recruitment consultants' deep understanding of the industry and the powerful database

We focus on digitalization, big data, cloud infrastructure, information security, algorithms, technology development and other fields.

With the unique "one-stop service" model and based on our clients' needs, our agile and excellent recruiting team composed of industry expert headhunting consultants as well as consultants focusing on functional team recruitment will work out optimal solution for our clients. 

Market Insight

“IT talents need to have a business-oriented vision and pattern to better empower the business. At the same time, it can also help individuals develop their career and get the opportunity to management positions.”