Hudson has been doing recruitment work in the human resources sector for many years

HR recruitment is one of Hudson's traditional and strong areas, and our consultants either come from the HR department with a senior background, or have years of experience in recruiting for the industry. We have a deep understanding of industry and market trends, extensive connections and insight about talent.

Rapid hiring is achieved based on recruitment consultants' deep understanding of the industry and the powerful database

The positions we operate include CHO, VP of HR, HR director, corporate HR business partner, organizational development, learning and development, training, talent acquisition, remuneration and benefits, and HR peration. Our clients span a wide range of industries, including Fortune 500 companies, large state-owned groups, industry leaders, private companies and startups.

With the unique "one-stop service" model and based on our clients' needs, our agile and excellent recruiting team composed of industry expert headhunting consultants as well as consultants focusing on functional team recruitment will work out optimal solution for our clients. 

Market Insight

“Remote working caused by the epidemic made enterprises to rely more and more on data to measure the performance of employees. HR begins to make talent analysis decisions based on data, which may lead all human resources functions to operate in the next few years.”

Market Insight

“In order to meet the needs of big data analysis, many of the most cutting-edge large companies are in demand of talents for HR digital transformation.”

Market Insight

“How to better create a new combination of salary and compensation has become the focus of the salary and welfare system in the future. Therefore, the recruitment demand for compensation and welfare positions has also begun to increase, which especially requires innovative talents.”