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Legal Recruiting

Judge Hudson’s legal recruiting for yourself

Our recruiters have direct experience
in the legal profession

In the court of recruiting and talent management, the verdict is clear: Hudson can provide the legal staffing you need across most major industries.

Our expert legal recruiters in China have direct experience working in the law industry and share that knowledge with every client. Through understanding the culture of your organisation and your staffing needs, Hudson can develop customised human resources solutions to staff projects and hire executives. By partnering with your internal HR department, our team can locate and match superior professionals for jobs in the law industry.

Did you Know?

Our team of specialist consultants are experts in their respective industries and are known for recruiting specialised talent for difficult-to-fill positions.


Hudson (NASDAQ: HSON) offers highly specialised professional recruitment, contract recruitment, recruitment outsourcing, talent management and related Contracting services and solutions. Clients partnering with Hudson achieve greater organisational performance by attracting, selecting, engaging and developing the best talent for their business. With a global presence of more than 2,000 employees operating in approximately 20 countries, Hudson delivers great people and great performance.